Northwest Railroad Institute is recognized as a prime source of trained and qualified candidates. Our Career Services Department maintains an excellent working relationship with key employers and recruitment personnel throughout the industry. This is a valuable resource that we are proud to present to our students.

We work with each of our students to help prepare them for job interviews in several ways:

  • Assist students in writing a personal resume and assembling a professional portfolio
  • Practice individual and group interview techniques
  • Teach confidence and help students make positive first impressions

Our students are trained through various hands-on experiences. They graduate with the skills they’ll use to compete for jobs in the railroad industry.

Job Placement

At Northwest Railroad Institute, we hold a strong focus on our students’ success. The ultimate goal for any student is to discover an exciting career path that promotes a rewarding future. On a regular basis, we receive inquiries from railroads seeking to interview our students and graduates for a variety of positions. Because of these inquiries and connections, we aim to take every opportunity to find employment for our students.